Frigidaire Gallery Air Fry Range – Full Batch of Wings! – FGEH3047VF

This past weekend, I received an order of meat from an online meat market for the first time and they offered a lifetime supply of chicken wings. True to their word, my first order included the free wings, and I am never hungrier than when I have a freezer full of meat to cook. I took this as an opportunity to put my Frigidaire Gallery FGEH3047VF Air Fry Range to the test.

Most air fry appliances can facilitate cooking of 6 – 8 chicken wings at a time, so cooking a family meal this way can be very time consuming and not practical.

I placed the wings under running water in the bag for a few minutes to separate the individual pieces. Then in the bag, I added two tablespoons of avacado oil, and mixed it throughout, coating the wings. I then sprinkled a liberal amount of my favorite lemon pepper seasoning across all the wings in the bag. Lastly, as a trick I read about to create extra crispy wings, I added two tablespoons of baking powder. I mixed everything in the bag, before evenly distributing the wings on our air fry rack basket.


With the Frigidaire Air Fry Range, there is no need to preheat when using the “AIR FRY” function. You place your wings in the oven, and then set the range to “Air Fry” mode. The range gets to temperature within around 90 seconds. I cooked my wings in Air Fry mode at 450 degrees. I set my timer for 35 minutes.


I also placed a oven pan underneath the basket to help catch the drippings.

Thirty-five minutes later, I had nice, crispy, lemony, peppery, juicy on the inside chicken wings. My air fry rack basket held 40 wings, which was enough for three of us to devour with a few left for lunch today!


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