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Beacon Tech Talk – Episode 1 – Clogged Drain Lines – Viper Pan Treatments

In Citrus County as well as most of Central Florida, air conditioning clogged drain lines are a regular occurrence. At Beacon Services & Appliances | Beacon Air & Heat, Inc. we determined that 80% of our air conditioner new installation service calls in the first 90 days after installation were due to clogged drain lines.

This is due to many reasons. First, the new 410a air conditioners remove a considerable amount more condensation than their R-22 counterparts. More condensation means more drainage, so where it may have been acceptable before, now the slightest amount of debris will cause a back-up. Secondly, the new 410a systems have solid aluminum evaporator coils. Since there is no longer copper in the evaporator, there is no longer the natural release of algae killing copper electrolysis.

Because of the issues with algae growth in the air conditioning systems, Beacon has decided to proactively treat all of our new installations with Viper Pan & Coil Treatment. This treatment should continue to treat the drain lines that we have already cleaned out during installation. Beacon Services & Appliances is a full service air conditioning and heating contracting company in Beverly Hills, Florida. Beacon offers air conditioning installation, service, and repair, and major appliance repair. Beacon is also a major appliance dealer offering Frigidaire, Speed Queen, Maytag, KitchenAid, and Whirlpool appliances.

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