Beacon Blessings 2020

(Please See The Rules And Details Below)

Over the years, Beacon Services & Appliances | Beacon Air & Heat, Inc. and it’s employees have been honored to give to those who are in need in our community, not just during the holiday season. Beacon Blessings was birthed out of the desire to give back to the community that has helped to make Beacon a successful service company in Citrus County. Beacon Blessings began with our employees adding money into a box, whether tips from customers, or directly out of their paychecks. Beacon would then match the giving amount at the end of November. Each employee would also turn in nominations for individuals or families that were in need, with a story of why they believed they would benefit from such a blessing. In the first week of December, an independent board (non Beacon employees) would meet to read off the submissions, and decide upon a recipient. A member of that board would then make contact and deliver the blessing as a completely anonymous gift. We did not want “the left hand to know what the right hand was doing”.

This year, Beacon Blessings has been opened up to anyone in our community to be able to nominate, as well as give. We will not be asking for donations, however if you should feel the call to support this style of anonymous giving, we are honored to have our community enter in with us. Beacon employees will continue to add to the Blessing Box until the giving deadline. A portion of every purchase made or hired service in the month of November and up until the giving deadline will be added to the Blessing Box.

If you know of an individual or family that is in need this year, please fill out the above form in full detail. The end of the second week of December, all submissions will be read by an independent board and a recipient will be chosen.


  • The information provided during nominations will not be used for marketing.
  • 100% of all donations made to Beacon Blessings will go to the recipient.
  • Neither the nominees, nor the recipient will be announced. Once the nomination is made, everything remains anonymous.
  • The recipient family will not know who the gift came from. 


  1. Nominees must live in Citrus County, Florida. The recipient must be part of our local community.
  2. You may not nominate yourself or your own family.
  3. The information provided must be complete, with all forms having valid and correct information.
  4. No purchase is necessary.
  5. Multiple submissions for the same nominee by the same person will not increase the chances of their nominee being chosen.
  6. Submissions may not be made in person, nor by written note. Only online nominations using the above form will be accepted.
  7. The deadline participate through donation is 12:00 pm EST, on Friday, December 11th, 2020
  8. The deadline to submit nominations is 12:00 pm EST, on Friday, December 11th, 2020
  9. The Beacon Blessing 2020 recipient will be chosen by the independent board (not Beacon employees) on Friday, December 11th, 2020

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