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Condensate Drain Line Woes

A condensate drain line is a gravity fed pipe that carefully and safely removes the condensation buildup from the evaporator coil inside the air handler. On a normal summer day, an air conditioning system can remove anywhere from 5 to 20 gallons of condensate from the air. This cool water fills the evaporator drain pan, and then flows out of the system through piping to the exterior of the home. 

No Cooling Without Moving Heat

A clean condensing coil is one of the pillars of a properly working air conditioning system. Refrigerant in the form of a high pressure hot gas enters the condensing coil where it is cooled to the point of fully turning to a liquid state. The cooling occurs as ambient temperature air is pulled through the coil, courtesy of the condensing fan. The heat expelled from the hot gas is transferred into this air.

To Defrost, Or Not To Defrost…

During the winter months, one of the most common calls our office receives is that our customers noticed their outdoor unit making strange noises, or they saw smoke coming from the outdoor unit. There is always the possibility that there is indeed a valid issue that needs to be addressed, and if they are indeed seeing smoke, they may need the fire department more than an air conditioning company. So we ask a few more qualifying questions and help them come to the most likely conclusion. Their heating system is a heat pump, and it has gone into “defrost”.