Maintenance Tips for your Electric Dryer

The clothes dryer is among the most beloved home appliances for the way it has simplified and shortened the laundry process. Dryer maintenance is extremely important because dryers and lint build-up are a lethal combination. Dryer lint buildup causes thousands of residential fires across the U.S. every year. Beacon Services and Appliances not only has a great selection of new Whirlpool and Maytag dryers as well as quality used dryers, but also can help you keep your dryer in tip top condition.

How to care for your dryer

1. Replace white vinyl dryer vent tubing with aluminum tubing

Flexible white vinyl tubing is highly restrictive and does not meet U.S. federal fire safety standards.

2. Inspect your dryer vent tubing for kinks.

If the tubing is crushed, collapsed, kinked, or obstructed in any way, air will not vent properly as heat and lint build up in the dryer. The dryer will not dry clothing and it will overheat, possibly causing failure and the need to be looked at by an appliance technician.

3. Remove lint from the lint filter (lint trap or lint screen) after every cycle

Yes, every cycle. It’s that important. Also, once per season, use a long-handle brush or vacuum attachment to remove lint from the filter’s chute, too.

4. Clear the dryer venting tube

Your dryer’s entire venting system should be cleaned out from the inside of the dryer to the outside vent cap at least once per year.

5. Check the area around the dryer’s vent cap outside

Remove restrictions such as snow or leaves and clear shrubbery to enable proper air flow.

6. Clean the dryer’s interior

Even if you’re good about removing lint from the filter after every load, it’s common for lint to build up within the dryer, too. Once per year, disassemble the dryer and use a vacuum and a long vacuum hose attachment to clean out the lint. Beacon can help and provide this service as part of our dryer vent cleaning service.

7. Pay attention to drying time

If it’s taking longer for clothes to dry, it’s likely that lint is clogging the venting system and a thorough clean out should happen A.S.A.P before it causes damage to your dryer, clothing, or home! Beacon Services & Appliances has full service dryer vent cleaning service available.

Dryer frequently asked questions

How long should it take for my clothes to dry?

Most dryers can dry a full load of laundry in fewer than 45 minutes. If the load is still damp, the venting system is likely clogged and you’ll need to clean it out as soon as possible.

Do I really need to clean out my dryer’s lint filter after every load?

Yes. Make sure you clean the lint filter before or after every single load. If you have some stubborn lint that won’t budge, there’s a special brush you can get to help. The brush is also great to clean out the filter’s chute, or you can use the skinny tool attachment on your vacuum as well.

Once a year, you should also clean out the inside of your dryer’s venting system (that big tube going from your dryer to the outside).

How can I reduce my dryer’s energy consumption?

Don’t overload your dryer. Follow the owner’s manual for instructions on load sizes for your particular model. Clean out the lint filter after every load and once per year, clean out the entire venting system. Pay attention to drying times so that you’ll know when there is a problem.

What’s better – fabric softener sheets or liquid fabric softener?

We’ve found that liquid fabric softener does a noticeably better job softening fabric and reducing static cling. Additionally, softener sheets leave a residue that may clog the dryer’s lint filter screen. If this happens, you can remove the residue using a small amount of laundry detergent and a soft-bristle brush and a cotton ball doused with a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Make sure the filter is fully dry before returning to the filter chute.

Also, due to their stickiness, softener sheets have been known to find their way into the lint filter chute, within the dryer’s interior and within the vents –attracting lint and leading to buildup.

Is it important for my dryer to be level?

Yes. All appliances perform best when set up properly. If a dryer is not level, it can cause components to wear out prematurely.

Beacon Services & Appliances is located in Beverly Hills, Florida and serves all of Citrus County including Lecanto, Inverness, Hernando, Floral City, Homosassa, Crystal River, Ozello, Holder, Citrus Springs, Dunnellon, and surrounding areas. Call 352-726-7530 or visit us at BeaconSaves.com

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