Beacon nominated for THE INDIE


Beacon Services & Appliances was honored back in September to be nominated for the Independent We Stand, Independent Small Business Of The Year Award, otherwise known as “The Indie”.

Independent We Stand’s website states:

“Our mission at Independent We Stand is to inspire small business owners to discover their local roots and help consumers understand the importance of supporting them.

In 2011, we created the Independent Small Business of the Year Award or “Indie” to help recognize a locally-owned small business that has gone above and beyond to deliver great customer service and community support.”

Immediately, Beacon’s customers rallied around Beacon’s request for votes, with many customers calling or texting each day to share their daily votes and support. Beacon treats their customers like family, and that family responded in kind. Many customers also shared Independent We Stand’s website on their social media asking their friends and family to support Beacon.

“It has been a very humbling experience receiving votes and hearing good reports from our happy and faithful customers.” says Dan Dickinson, the owner of Beacon Services & Appliances. “Our customers are the reason we turn our lights on every day, and we are continuously seeking new ways to show our customers appreciation for allowing us to be part of their lives.”

Beacon has been a long time sponsor of GSF, The Good Spirit Foundation in Hernando, Florida with not only financial support, but where Mr. Dickinson and his wife spend time volunteering. Beacon has sponsored many local school ball teams and school band programs, as well as various other youth programs. They have helped local children in need with school supplies, and hold a toy drive each year for Toys for Tots.

Beacon has donated items and money to different charities including Breast Cancer Awareness, and The Wounded Warrior Program, and has provided discount services for the local homeless shelters.

Beacon also has a program called “Beacon Blessings” that goes into effect in the fourth quarter of each year. Beacon Blessings is a box that holds monetary donations from employees as well as nominations for recipients in need. Many employees bring their change or daily tips in and put them into the blessings box. Weeks before Christmas, Beacon more than matches the employees giving, and asks an independent group of judges to view the nominations, and decide upon the recipient of the blessing box.

Along with their customers and community, Beacon holds their employees in very high regard. Beacon continuously invests in their employees to help them meet their professional and personal goals. Beacon’s management also believes that family comes first. Employees know they will always be encouraged to take the time they need or want with their families.

“Beacon allows me to be Mom first. Family first is the way Beacon operates. If a crisis comes up in my family, there are no questions asked. I am free to take care of my husband and children and not in fear of losing my job. In a society that pushes productivity the way Americans tend to, this is a weight off my mind.” says Victoria Moore, one of Beacon’s technicians.

Zig Ziglar once said that you can get everything out of life that you want, if you can help enough people get everything out of life that they want. An adaptation of that principle is always at work at Beacon. As Beacon continues to enter in and provide help in their community, it becomes more and more evident to them that their success is all about people; their customers, and their employees.

Beacon Services & Appliances has made it to the quarterfinals for The Independent Business of the Year award. There are only 12 days left to vote. If Beacon has made an impact on your life, please continue to vote for them each day!



Beacon Services & Appliances | Beacon Air & Heat, Inc. 

Striving For Excellence In All We Do!

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