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Newly Installed KitchenAid Model # KRMF706ESS available from Beacon Services & Appliances

Refrigerators are something every house has. They all come in different shapes, sizes and colors but choosing the right one for you and your needs can be a very difficult decision.

It can be hard to keep a refrigerator organized when the food items do not have a spot of their own. Things will then start to get shoved and crammed into any available spot and soon you can lose sight of what you actually have. Your food can go bad before you even have the chance to use/cook it.

With the new KitchenAid Five-Door refrigerator disorganization will never be an issue. This unit has designated spots for everything. There are two refrigerator drawers offering different features. On the left, the drawer offers five preset temperatures for meats/fish, drinks, deli/cheese, and thaw/marinate. It even has green/herb storage with dedicated storage compartments. The right side refrigerator drawer includes a produce preserver. This feature helps delay over-ripening of your produce. All shelves are adjustable and spill resistant for easy cleaning.

KitchenAid Model # KRMF706ESS available from Beacon Services & Appliances

Your freezer has a three tier drawer with storage dividers, no more losing food deep inside your freezer! With the ice and water in the door of the refrigerator, it allows you to optimize the space of your freezer. It also includes a storage divider in the lower basket to help keep smaller items organized. If organization is a key element in your life, how could you say no to a refrigerator of this quality? Call Beacon Services and Appliances.

Hannah Riggs is a Appliance Specialist at Beacon Services & Appliances in Beverly Hills, Florida. Hannah is one of Beacon’s Maytag Girls. Hannah offers free in-home consultations for custom kitchen appliances and offers Maytag, KitchenAid, and Whirlpool and Frigidaire appliances.

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